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interior architecture

with Tizian Naterop and Fabrice Aeberhard

VOID is a design studio, gallery and off-space from Zurich based designer Tizian Naterop and Fabrice Aberhard and me, Tabea Wschiansky. We were able to rent the space for limited time of a year and wanted to create a studio for ourself to work on our projects, but also invite people from various disciplines to host workshops and exhibitions. 
The interior concept was organized by Tizian Naterop and built by me and Tizian and is enhancing the concrete structure of the room. The wood gives the concrete a contrast; all walls and doors are built in without destroying the wood panels so that they can be removed and used again in a whole. The space should show the temporary use but also feel like a cozy and busy workspace.
The kitchen can be moved on integrated wheels and all other furniture is movable as well. This way the space is more flexible in use. 
visit: Instagram @void.zurich,

Zurlindenstrasse 134, 8003 Zurich

Pictures: Tabea Wschiansky

︎︎︎ Christmas Design Market, 09/10..12.2023 – see below

     For the Christmas Design Market we invited over 30 designers, artists and brands to come together for a weekend. 

01 – studio

03 – studio

05 – studio

07 –  studio during Zurich Design Weeks 2023

09 –  studio

11 – studio

13 – studio

02 – kitchen and meeting room

04 –  studio during Zurich Design Weeks 2023

06 – studio

08 –  meditation session with ADA

10 – studio

12 – studio

14 – meditation session with ADA

︎︎︎ Christmas Design Market, 09/10.12.2023

01 – exhibition

03 – édition studio in exhibition

05 – exhibition setup Yehteh

07 – exhibition ACLA

09 – exhibition FromZurichWithLove and Studio 7

11– flyer by Sophie Bäumlin

13 – flyer by Sophie Bäumlin

02 – exhibition David Walsh

04 – exhibition / after party

06 – exhibition Zengiaro and Tennessee MacDougall

08 – exhibition ACLA

10– édition studio

12– flyer by Sophie Bäumlin