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product design

diploma project

is a rain protector specially designed for people in wheelchairs.
People in wheelchairs have great difficulty finding suitable and fashionable clothing that also meets the technical requirements. Especially with outdoor clothing and especially with rain protection, there is a great need for new, innovative solutions. So the jacket, comparable to conventional rain jackets, has to be cut shorter and generally have a better and more adjustable fit. Sleeves must not be too long and get in the way of bikes or get in the way, but must be long enough to cover everything. For safety it is important that the hood can be adjusted so that it rotates with the head. People in wheelchairs need more freedom of movement in the shoulder area, which the arm movement requires for locomotion, but there should not be too much textile that could interfere. A mesh insert was sewn into the back, which is covered by two straps. The elasticity of the mesh allows freedom of movement and the mesh provides additional breathability. The tabs serve as a design element and make it waterproof again. The closures of the jacket and leg protection have all been designed to be easy to use, even when mobility in the hands and fingers is reduced. Zippers have large tabs that can be operated with your thumb or your whole hand. The remaining fasteners are innovative magnetic fasteners from Fidlock or sewn-in magnets that are easy and intuitive to use.
Pictures and Video: Tabea Wschiansky

This project was developed as a bachelor diploma project in industrial design at the Zurich University of the Arts.

︎︎︎ Para in Milano Design Week, House of Switzerland / 15.-21.04.2024

︎︎︎ National Winner, James Dyson Award, Switzerland, 2023

︎︎︎ Nominated for «global design graduate show»
by Arts Thread and Gucci, 2023

︎︎︎ Honourable mention, «Förderpreis», Zurich University of the Arts, 2023

︎︎︎ Nominated for «prototypes for humanity», 2023

Video: Tabea Wschiansky, Tizian Naterop; Model: Basil Dias, Tizian Naterop; Music: Spectrum – Max Cooper

01 – arm detail

03 – detail arm zipper opening for ventilation and easy access

05 – detail leg cover bottom

07 – detail jacket

09 – detail leg cover

11 – Para

13 – detail opening for pass through

15 – detail leg cover bag description in english and braille

17 – detail jacket

02 – detail leg cover bag and description in english and braille

04 – leg cover

06 – detail hood adjustment and reflective details

08 – detail arm adjustment 

10 – Para

12 –detail hood

14 – detail Para

16 – detail back and hood

18 – detail jacket front