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self initiated project

The Punktausstellung is an exhibition at the School of Arts in Zurich for the design departments Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Game Design, Trends & Identity, Interaction Design, and Knowledge Visualization.

The exhibition was designed and curated to show all the different disciplines in one exhibition. The modular composition of white wood plates and bricks as legs gives the space maximum flexibility. As the main organizer and designer of the exhibition, I was able to curate the projects and find the optimum arrangement with the objects and installations.

01 –table for Visual Communication

03 – bench with bricks and industrial felt

05 – installation from Interaction Design

07 – table for Visual Communication

02 – table for Visual Communication

04 – low table with exhibition poster

06 – bar table

08 – bench with bricks and industrial felt

08 – table for Visual Communication

Pictures: Tabea Wschiansky, Lara Wschiansky