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Earlybird is the local delivery service for workplace catering. We deliver seasonal and organic menus, fruit, meeting catering and office gifts. source: earlybird

In 2019 they came up to me and asked if I could design them a food station for some of their clients, for example Lufthansa or Google, who order daily. I designed a shelf for fruits and snacks, a fridge for fresh lunchboxes and all other cooled drinks and food. Next to it is a paying system with an Ipad and a card-payment box. With the design I wanted to highlight the colors of their fresh food, therefore we chose a dark-grey powder-coated steel frame and aluminum details to have a very minimalistic base. The shelf is inspired by market stands at our local weekly markets. As we worked together with a local locksmith, I have designed the refrigerator shell in such a way that it can be operated without industrial machinery and that we can easily assemble it by ourselves at the client's place.

Pictures: Julia Herzog, Thomas Bösch, Tabea Wschiansky; Graphicdesign Earlybird: Julia Herzog

Pictures: Tabea Wschiansky