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4D textiles 


material research

self initiated experimental project

4D textiles is an experimental project that descovers the possibilities of 3D printing on textiles. Instead of a complex processing procedure with various production steps, completely new shapes and possibilities can be found by applying filament to elastic textile.

In the first step, paper folds were made to find a basic structure. Then I had to find out which textile could best be combined and printed with which filament in which way. I started with a non-elastic textile and a non-flexible filament that did not adhere to each other. step by step, I worked my way towards a result with which I could print very thinly and no longer had to rely on very porous textiles. With this technique, exciting shapes are created and the design of textiles becomes much more exciting.
The experimental work on textiles will interest me for a while and hopefully also keep me busy, as I see great potential in the optimization of production and the design possibilities.